Current Projects

A web application for the design and delivery of Real-Time-Response studies. SENTANA is brining the power of real-time-response studies to the web, away from the artificial environment of the lab.


My Research Lab

A research methods and data analysis book for quantitative studies. A research design management tools. A perpetually developed resource.

A web-based educational and research tool for numerical assessment of structural knowledge using constrained and unconstrained concept maps.

Past Projects


A suite of training and information websites for the Kansas Birth Equity Network.

SHE Woman

A suite of web applications for education and research in women’s health. Designed and developed for the University of Kansas School of Medicine.


Information personalization platform specializing in creating and delivering individually relevant content.

PAD Mobile

Mobile application designed and developed for researching the effects of using mobile applications to support physical activity in patients with Peripheral Artery Disease. Developed for the University of Kansas Medical School.


ElevatEd was a web-based continuous quality management software application that was being built from the ground up for the University of Missouri Hook Center using open source technologies. Based on sound education and management principles, this application, in conjunction with the Ed-Fi Alliance software solutions, provided extensive and flexible support for organizational continuous quality improvement and management efforts in K12 schools.


EdHub was a pedagogical enhancement tool built from the ground up for the Heart of Missouri Regional Professional Development Center (RPDC) at the University of Missouri. It provided resources and assistance to educators in pre-kindergarten to 12th grade and higher education. Focused on flexibility, the design relied on a combination of open source software customized and enhanced to meet the client’s needs. Additional components include a dual payment and token-based subscriptions system, reporting capabilities, custom content types, and connectors to external data providers.


A customized online learning environment developed based on the ASK theoretical framework to support a six-course curriculum for Nuclear Radiation Protection Technicians, developed for the University of Missouri and funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor.


Designed and developed a web-based mathematics training and review application contextualized to various job specifications in the utility industry. The target population is adult learners who need to build their math skills and freshmen in need for math remediation.


A flexible web-based shell application for designing and constructing cognitive flexibility hypertext.


A discussion board with constrained posting types, limited to a pre-programmed list of choices defined by the board coordinator. Its purpose is to provide a structured environment for an online discussion and support the implementation of argumentation theory elements in online environments.

Curriculum & Course Development

Introduction to Applied Statistics

Online course addressed to graduate students (masters and doctorate) as a (re)introduction to the fundamentals of statistical analysis. Using R, RStudio, and R Notebooks, the course covers foundational concepts and the most common statistical tests. Instructional content developed specifically for this course includes videos, worked-out examples, and extensive guidance on R and R Notebooks. Course currently offered at the University of Missouri - Columbia.

Energy Industry Fundamentals Course

Designed and developed as a contextualization layer over theoretical content using a scenario-based approach. Converted and ported the course and the additional content online for a blended-learning, instructor-led course delivery format. Financed by a U.S. Department of Labor grant and developed for the Center for Energy Workforce Development.

Radiation Protection Curriculum

A six-course curriculum designed and developed for training Radiation Protection Technicians for nuclear facilities supported by a web-based ASK system. The curriculum - course design, content, and software application - was designed by a team of faculty, students, and subject matter experts from the University of Missouri Schools of Engineering and of Information Science and Learning Technologies, and the University of Missouri Research Reactor.

Database Design and Development

Designed for online delivery as a capstone course for masters students enrolled in an online Educational Technology program, I developed this course to cover the fundamental elements of designing and maintaining databases for online learning environments. The course covered basic topics, such as normalization and the SQL language, as well as more advanced problems such as those related to managing a database server. The course was designed to be practical and to provide a hands-on experience to the students.

Additional courses developed at the University of Sibiu in Fundamentals of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, and Small Business Management. Additional information available upon request.